Louisiana’s fly fishing scene is all about redfish! Whether you are looking to tag a “bull red” or hankering to boat a couple dozen fish in a single day, you’ll not find a better destination than the state whose license describes it as the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” It’s the kind of place where landing over 100 pounds of fly caught fish in a day is actually quite common. Targeting Louisiana redfish is truly a unique experience. Due to the sheer size of the quality fishing ground, the fish experience very little pressure. It is 100% sight fishing, demanding accurate casts with heavy flies. However, casts rarely need to be farther than 30’, making it an ideal location for anglers new to saltwater fly fishing. Unlike other areas the redfish here will eagerly chase down a fly and devour it. If you like catching big fish on the fly then Louisiana is for you! While redfish take center stage, anglers can also target large jack crevalle, black drum, and sheephead.

About a 45 minute drive from New Orleans, lies Biloxi Marsh. Billed by many globe-trotting fly flingers as the best redfish destination in the world, its grass flats, oyster beds, and clear shallow water epitomize what constitutes a premier redfish habitat and Louisiana has it in spades. Sprawling across hundreds of miles on the state’s northeastern coastline, the marsh is a veritable maze of islands, channels, and backwaters. Redfish movements and feeding patterns vary with the season, tides, temperature, and winds, which has led to many Louisiana guides to focus on particular niches. Matching the right guide with your fishing plans is the key to a successful fishing trip.

Situated about a two hour drive south of New Orleans, Venice represents the southern end of the state’s incredible redfish habitat where the Mississippi River issues into the Gulf of Mexico. Husky reds, often in pods of numerous jaw-dropping fish, feed aggressively in the shallow water. Just imagine yourself casting to a redfish with more mass than the average Cocker Spaniel as it digs around the muddy bottom for crabs.  Venice provides easy access to world class blue water fishing. Mahi mahi, wahoo, as well as bluefin and yellowfin tuna can all also be targeted on fly.

One of the nicest parts of fishing Louisiana is that some of the best waters are just outside of New Orleans. You can enjoy the comforts and outstanding cuisine of a major city and still be wetting a line within an hour of walking out of your hotel! Whether you are a die hard fisherman looking to land you biggest red, or trying to out for a quick fish while enjoying southern culture, Louisiana offers the perfect itinerary for every type of fly angler.

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Redfish8-10wt FloatingYear Round
Black Drum9/10wt FloatingYear Round
Sheephead8-10wt FloatingYear Round
Aligator Gar10-12wt Floating, IntermediateYear Round
Jack Crevalle10wt Floating, IntermediateApril - September

Louisiana’s fly fishing scene

is all about redfish!

The state whose fishing license

describes it as the “Sportsman’s Paradise.”

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