When it comes to fly fishing, the United States is the land of uncompromised opportunity. There is such a depth and diversity of fisheries – cold water or warm water? Mountains or plains? Streams or surf? You can find it all in the United States. Fly fishing has a rich history in many parts of the US.

Take Montana for instance. Regarded to many as the fly fishing mecca of the world. Fly fishing has a rich history in many parts of the US. Take for instance Montana, regarded to many as the fly fishing mecca of the world. Montana is a western state that boasts beautiful landscapes including ranges of the Rocky Mountains and great, vast plains. The waters are full of hungry Browns, Cutties and Bows more than willing to take a fly. If you want to experience fly fishing in its purest form, Montana has to be on your fish-it list.


With nearly 34,000 miles of shoreline, 3 million lakes, over 12,000 rivers, and nearly infinite small creeks and streams, there is no shortage of places to fish in Alaska. Covering an area that is one-fifth the size of the continental United States, an angler can spend a lifetime exploring this vast region and still not experience all it has to offer. Alaska can be divided into three main regions for the fly angler: the southeast, southwest, and the interior.

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Louisiana’s fly fishing scene is all about redfish! Whether you are looking to tag a “bull red” or hankering to boat a couple dozen fish in a single day, you’ll not find a better destination than the state whose license describes it as the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” It’s the kind of place where landing over 100 pounds of fly caught fish in a day is actually quite common. Targeting Louisiana redfish is truly a unique experience. Due to the sheer size of the quality fishing ground, the fish experience very little pressure.

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If there is a heaven, fly-fishers can only hope it resembles the spine of the American West amid the Rocky Mountains, which run from northern Montana through Wyoming and Idaho, and all the way to southern Colorado. Along that route anglers find some of the most spectacular landscapes and trout fishing in the world. These range from massive tailwater systems (the Madison, Bighorn, Missouri, Green, and Platte rivers) packed with thousands of wild rainbows and browns per square mile, to intimate, freestone streams offering a mix of eager native cutthroats and carnivorous bull trout. Additionally, the Rocky Mountains offer pristine spring creek fishing, including Idaho’s legendary Silver Creek and Henry’s Fork, where large browns and rainbows force anglers to creep on their knees within casting range and use tiny dry flies and 6X or 7X tippet to get a rise.

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